Who we are

Named as Association for Development of Cultural Tourism, the ADCT, was established on December 2009 according to the Albanian law for non-profit organizations, and its focus is the deveolopment of the cultural tourism through the preservationa and promotion of the cultural and natural heritage.

The founders ADCT’s are personalities of different cultural and education backgrounds: Archeology, Cultural Heritage, Museology, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments, Ethnology, Public Relation, Journalism, Marketing, etc.

Based on our diverse cultural background, professionalism and expertise we aim to provide great possibilities for the promotion of the Albanian cultural and touristic potentials by establishing an attractive image and a strong identity of Albania.



The ADCT mission is to contribute to the development of cultural tourism for the promotion and preservation of the cultural and natural heritage in Albanian and broad.
The ADCT mission is to enhance the social sensitivity towards the heritage values through the education, intercultural communication and cooperation between all stakeholders.




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