Who we are

Named as Association for Development of Cultural Tourism, the ADCT, was established on December 2009 according to the Albanian law for non-profit organizations, and its focus is the deveolopment of the cultural tourism through the preservationa and promotion of the cultural and natural heritage.

The founders ADCT’s are personalities of different cultural and education backgrounds: Archeology, Cultural Heritage, Museology, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments, Ethnology, Public Relation, Journalism, Marketing, etc.

Based on our diverse cultural background, professionalism and expertise we aim to provide great possibilities for the promotion of the Albanian cultural and touristic potentials by establishing an attractive image and a strong identity of Albania.



The ADCT mission is to contribute to the development of cultural tourism for the promotion and preservation of the cultural and natural heritage in Albanian and broad.
The ADCT mission is to enhance the social sensitivity towards the heritage values through the education, intercultural communication and cooperation between all stakeholders.




ADCT aims to create a new vision for the development of cultural tourism and to create premises for a sustainable tourism in Albania, region and beyond.
ADCT aims to have a better understanding of cultural and touristic values from the society and communities in order to communicate them to the benefit of their understanding and cooperation with each - other.



ADCT will fill its mission by interacting with governmental tourism institutions, local authorities, private businesses, as well as with other non-governmental, national and international organization that share the same vision; the growth of responsible and sustainable tourism through:

• Its involvement in the whole spectrum of tourism focusing  in cultural tourism, supporting all initiatives on national, regional and international for cooperation in this field.
• Using the global experience in promoting and developing communication between the cultures of neighboring countries and beyond.
• Providing funds for training, research studies and publications on heritage and cultural tourism.
• Professional support on the legal framework of tourism and cultural heritage.
• Designing and administration of programs that provide specialized training to employees in public and private cultural institutions, improving the level of presentation and communication.
•    Running professional structures according to contemporary standards for the preparation of operating staff in the field of tourism.
•     Using new methods for education chidren and students with cultural and historical values in cooperation with educational institutions, through a combination of theoretical and practical elements of teaching programs in cultural institutions (museums, galleries, archaeological site, etc.)
•    Special educational and integration programs for the categories in need and people with disabilities, to create chances and opportunities to be known with the Albanian cultural heritage.
•    Organization and development of the regional activities in collaboration with associations and similar institutions in other countries, to assist in expanding the areas of communications and exchanges in the field of cultural tourism.
•     Promotion of inter-ethnic harmony and cooperation within and outside the country, according to universal principles of equal opportunities and chances.
•     Institutionalizing the relationship and communication with Worship Institutions and representatives of religious communities for their involvement in the promotion of historical and cultural values of religions, as an important part of national heritage.
•    Designing projects and encouragement of institutional or individual initiatives for conservation and restoration of cultural objects.
•    Organization of activities for the presentation of culture, archeology, history, Ethnology, scenic and visual arts, literature, folk oral and written heritage, based on the best practice worldwide.






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