"Golden hands”

The exhibition of figurative art that brings together talented children from different schools and districts of Albania.

"The Golden Hands" was conceived and formed with the great desire that children from across Albania to participate in such activities that give them the opportunity to express freely their perceptions of age.

The exhibition is the finalization of several monthly work and communication among all stakeholders involved in this activity which provided to the children an attractive space to freely express their feelings and messages they want to present us.

The idea of ​​this art exhibition of children from all over Albania, has joined its organizers: ADCT (Association for Cultural Tourism Development), Boshnjaku Art Center, Cultural Center "Fashion in Focus" in collaboration with cultural institutions: Ministry of Tourism (Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports), MASH (Ministry of Education and Science), MIST (Memorial International School of Tirana), MHK (National History Museum), and with the financial support of DIGITALB, create the best conditions and emerge this idea on this 5 days exhibition.

By the professional perspective should be noted that the used techniques lead these children to create a myriad of emotional situations, which make us to understand that art has a special and important role in their lives. The desire to articulate in this way has combined the talent, speech, emotion which getting them closer in this important cultural event.

This exhibition confirms once again that the creative work has attracted the students/children to explore the use of various tools and techniques of function of art, from the simple techniques like colored pencils, pastel, and watercolor as well as the delicate and professional techniques such as oil and acrylic paint.

The diversity of this exhibition also consists of handworks, installations and work made of clay and plasticine worked with quite originality and based on motives from the Albanian Cultural heritage. Works such as Albanian traditional costumes, underground archeology, or their historical centers where they live are awarded as the best works of this exhibition. We can not neglect from this exhibition, a number of artistic fashion works, which prove that the world of children do not know limits.

On behalf of organizers we would like to confirm our gratitude to all the children that participate in this exhibition, perhaps under not favorable conditions, and became part of this event.

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